CIFP FELO MONZÓN hosts the BEST ENERGY DETECTIVES GRAN CANARIA challenge, a project to mitigate climate change

  • Gran Canaria Island Energy Council is committed to innovation in young people through this challenge program.
  • The Founders Association and TribArte collaborate in this program together with the CIFP Felo Monzón.

BEST ENERGY DETECTIVES GRAN CANARIA program was created as an activity to support STEM careers in young people and mitigate climate change in the framework of the Girls4Tech Program of the Finnova Foundation and promoted by the Gran Canaria Island Energy Council (CIEGC) in the framework of the European project ENERBUILD, the coordination of the project is carried out by the Founders Association and the TribArte Association.

In accordance with the energy consumption data analysis software in buildings provided by Hiper-it in the innovative project ENERBUILD, the young people of the CIFP FELO-MONZÓN GRAU-BASSAS will be able to participate in a CHALLENGE in which they will become detectives of energy consumption in buildings. Participants will discover situations of consumption in which they will be able to analyse the causes and provide solutions.

On Tuesday 13th of December, in the facilities of the CIFP FELO MONZÓN in Tarifa Baja de Las Palmas, the students will learn how the analysis software works and over the following two weeks they will carry out the exercise of providing their solution.

Afterwards, a jury formed by Trib-Arte Hiper-It and Founders will determine which solution is the winner and then invite them to visit the European institutions such as the Parliament and the Parlamentarium in Brussels.

This program is being carried out as a first step in order to be able to carry out a more ambitious CHALLENGE in 2023 and to be able to give it continuity over time.

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Enerbuild project, lead by Gran Canaria Island Energy Council (CIEGC) and with the participation of the Finnova Foundation and the Macedonian Innovation Lab Smart-Up, was approved by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology linked to its Regional Innovation Scheme, an initiative focused on strengthening innovation ecosystems at national and regional level. The project is being developed in the framework of EIT Climate-KIC, the European community dedicated to innovation in climate action.

The initiative presents an energy optimisation system that is being developed in a pilot building of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria with the aim of mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. The Internet of Things platform HiPerWare, a tool of the German group BPS International dedicated to Big Data, and the Portuguese smart maintenance platform Infraspeak are the technological pillars of this combined solution based on analysing and monitoring supply systems by collecting Big Data with the aim of detecting anomalies and providing recommendations on system optimisation.